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Insurance Advisors Direct is a Full-Service National Marketing Organization dedicated to your sales success! As an independently owned organization we are able to bring you a One Stop Shop portfolio of Senior Focused Life & Health products without limitations. Our catalog of companies and products represents some of the finest available in the market today.

Now as you know…having the right products and carriers is just the start of any good IMO or FMO. IAD works diligently to be different in this regard. We actively bring you the highest quality training and support to ensure that you know how to position those products to work for you and your clients. To state it plainly…Insurance Advisors Direct helps you generate more business and grow your sales.

We have spent years creating an agent success system that targets the following six fundamental areas of concern and frustration for independent insurance agents:

Our services provide you with professional:

Training & Education
Lead Generation Programs
Sales Tools
Administrative Services
Marketing Services and Support

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The core product-lines that we specialize our expertise in:

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Final Expense
  • Long Term Care
  • Short Term Care
  • Annuities
  • Group Retiree Medical
  • Critical Illness
  • Life
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Prescription Drug Plans

Our dedication to this marketplace started from our founder’s entrance into this industry back in 1997 when he began selling Long Term Care products from door to door. His vision and passion for this was recently highlighted in the July issue of National Underwriter where he was awarded a 2012 Industry Elite Award as the Best Rising Star.

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2012 Industry Elite Awards

Each year, National Underwriter Life & Health salutes the best of the best in the life and health insurance industry, celebrating those who represent game-changing levels of market innovation, regulatory advocacy, industry reputation, community work, and emerging talent. Selecting winners from this year’s unusually b body of nominations proved challenging, but five winners and five honorable mentions stood out as exemplars of the things that are helping to drive the industry forward to meet its challenges and to seize its opportunities. Congratulations to this year’s winners of the 2012 Industry Elite awards!




2012 Industry Elite Award as the Best Rising Star

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Jason McClellan is the President & CEO of Insurance Advisors Direct-Agency, LLC. He is industry-recognized as “the most notable industry professional under the age of 40”. This acknowledgment is based on the recognition given to him by his peers for his exceptional drive to build the IAD practice and the comprehensive services that he routinely provides his clients. Jason started out in the Insurance industry as a Sales Associate marketing LTC at the age of 18. After thriving in the business for over a decade, he began forming his own agency at only 33 years old. Due to his reputation and phenomenal standing Jason has been instrumental in recruiting over 12,000 agents over the course of his career.

The life and health industry is facing a serious manpower shortage over the next decade as many of the industry’s sales professionals are quickly approaching the age of retirement. Getting new faces into the sales force has been a top concern for carriers, brokerages and agencies alike. But for Jason McClellan, this year’s Best Rising Star, he didn’t need to be recruited into the life and health business. He grew up in it. His father got into insurance sales when Jason was around eight years old. Jason grew up around insurance products, and he always found sales to be a compelling line of work.

When he was 18, Jason approached his father, a career agent, about selling life and health products. Jason specifically inquired about long-term care. Even though he was told that it would be virtually impossible to sell LTC at only 18 years old, Jason took that as a challenge and went door-to-door. His mission was to simply sell one policy at a time. For McClellan, it was easy. Sales merely required that he be himself. First off, because he believed in the product he prepared himself in a manner that allowed him to communicate without industry jargon. He wanted to be able to explain any perceived complexities about LTC in a way that anyone could understand it and feel comfortable with their purchase. Most importantly, he kept a respectful demeanor his clients appreciated.

Jason’s father had sold LTC to all four of Jason’s grandparents, and it proved essential for each of them. By the time Jason was 20 years old, he was managing several agents himself, and had expanded into other fields such as Medicare supplemental, final expense and annuities. Shortly thereafter, Jason joined the wholesale brokerage distribution side and was traveling all over the country. He had the opportunity to provide recruiting services for United Insurance Group. By the time Jason had reached the age of 24, he had recruited some 12,000 agents, and was a VP at United Insurance Group, managing new products, rollouts, business plans, hiring, managing daily operations and doing speaking engagements all over the nation.

A year and a half ago, at the age of 33, McClellan started Insurance Advisors Direct, his own career agency group in Novi, Michigan. McClellan does all training and agent support, and has spent the last year recruiting hundreds of agents, mainly for selling senior market products. “I could never leave behind the insurance industry,” he says. “I love the business aspect of it. I love sales. I believe in the products. It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of hard days, and some of those days can be tough. You have to want it 100%.”

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